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"Bike for the Parks" Community Ride!

The 3rd Annual Bike for the Parks Community Ride around the outer edges of Alameda takes place on Saturday, September 29th at Washington Park. It's a fundraiser that helps us install new playground equipment in our parks throughout Alameda. We've already installed new structures in Longfellow, Woodstock, and Godfrey Parks. LittleJohn Park is next! 

It's a fun day with a party after the ride, with music, food, water and beer and games for the kids! Everyone is welcome. Everyone. If you register before September 13th, you will get a FREE T-Shirt. And TEAM RIDERS OF 6 or MORE CAN WIN PRIZES FOR "BEST TEAM" - Gather a group of friends or co-workers and come on out!!  

VISIT www.bike4parks.alamedaparks.org for information and registration.


Registration is now open for AYB's 2018-2019 season! Participants can register on-line at www.sportability.com or in-person on September 18 and 20 from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Alameda Boys & Girls Club.  All boys and girls in grades 3-8 are eligible.  Practices begin in November and games start in December. Games take place on Saturday or Sunday.  For more information, please contact Randy Marmor at 418-7451 or at randy4sports@hotmail.com.


Middle School Ultimate Frisbee Team

Come join Jr. Meat, Alameda’s middle school Ultimate Frisbee team! The team is welcome to all Alameda middle school students. No experience needed. The season runs from late September to late May. Practices are on Monday and Friday afternoons. There are eight games throughout the season. See our flyer for more details or contact Q Amy Garcia at amyj33@yahoo.com or (510) 915-4747.


Papalote Spanish School

If you have kids interested in learning a second language, or maybe you want them to keep up their Spanish skills, don't miss this opportunity.

Papalote Spanish school is hosting a Spanish enrichment afterschool program at the Harbor Bay Club.  Information and enrollment here.

Posted by: Connie Luong
Published: 9/7/18

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Picture Day is on Monday, September 10th! Students will take their pictures in their PE classes. Ordering forms will be sent out during advisory on September 6th. 




If you did not get a chance to order your picture day photos before September 10th you can order your photos by following these instructions:


1. Go to mylifetouch.com

2. Enter the picture day ID: BY418356Q0

3. Enter your child's last name


Follow the instructions on the screen and you should be able to place an order. 


If you were not here on today's picture day, make up picture day is on Monday, October 8.

Posted by: Connie Luong
Published: 9/5/18

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The Book Fair will be open at Wood Middle School on September 10-14 in Room 103 beside the Media Center. It will be open during lunch, including 5th grade lunch, after school and after Back to School Night. Stop by to check it out!

Posted by: Connie Luong
Published: 8/31/18

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AEF’s cross country running program introduces middle school students to cross country running in the hopes of developing a life-long love of running and keeping fit.  This program meets after school at Crab Cove on Mondays through Thursdays from Sept. 4 until Nov. 1.  Students are expected to attend a minimum of 2 practices per week.


Students compete together as one team, the Alameda Asteroids, and have the opportunity to participate in 4 meets against other Bay Area schools. One meet will be at Crab Cove on Oct. 24 and the other meets will be at other bay area schools. Once the dates and locations are finalized parents will be notified. Each student must provide their own running shoes and wear comfortable clothing suitable for training and running. 


Alameda Asteroids coaches are Debra Cramer and Don Porteous. Debra has a Level 1 coaching qualification with the USA Track & Field Association.  Don brings his wealth of experience as the EHS Cross Country running coach. They both have decades of running experience & compete in the Pacific Association USA-TF Cross Country & road races.


To register, please visit www.AlamedaEducation.org and click on the blue “Enrichment” button on the left.  

Posted by: Connie Luong
Published: 8/28/18

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Please ask your student about the yearbook ordering flyer with instructions. This paper is coming home Tuesday or Thursday--given out in Advisory. Ordering is online through TreeRing.com. Instructions were also sent home via School Loop mail.

Posted by: Ellen Mulholland
Published: 8/25/18

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If you participated in today's audit, please complete this survey. See link.

Posted by: E M
Published: 3/12/18

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The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca is a weekly celebration of the inventor’s spirit- from historic scientific pioneers throughout past centuries to the forward looking visionaries of today. Each episode tells the dramatic stories behind the world’s greatest inventions- and the perseverance, passion and price required to bring them to life.


Episode Website

Posted by: Nga Nguyen
Published: 3/4/18

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Posted by: E M
Published: 2/6/18

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Posted by: E M
Published: 2/5/18

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Please click on the link and take 10 minutes to complete this survey on our block schedule.  What's working?  What's not?  We want to know what you think.  Thank you!



Posted by: Judith Ganley
Published: 2/2/18

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Please view the attachment for important news and announcements.

Posted by: E M
Published: 1/25/18

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Click on the link below to see what has been happening in our after school program.  

Posted by: Jessica Lucio
Published: 10/24/17

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My students need Model Bridge STEM packs, Model Bridge Classroom packs, and materials to build and test their bridge designs.




Students will design, engineer and build model bridges out of wood, and then progressively add loads to the bridges to test weakness in their designs. The bridge kits provide the raw materials, wood and glue, to construct the bridges. Students will use the Exacto knives and cutting mats to cut the wood samples to match their designs and then use the glue to assemble the pieces. After the bridge models are constructed, we will attach a container that allows us to add weight incrementally until the bridge fails (collapses). Students will then analyze what feature of their bridge gave out, and whether the failure was due to excess compression or tension on any one part. Students will then revise their models to improve the structural integrity of their designs. This project will provide them with the physical materials they need to construct their various designs.

Students will develop practical skills at designing, measuring, cutting and constructing architectural models of bridges, and gain experience in the engineering cycle.

Many of these students have never had real-world experience at measuring and cutting materials other than paper and paste in elementary school. These skills will prove useful in the students' science classes, in any subsequent engineering classes or coursework, and may be applicable in any art electives.

Posted by: Steven Long
Published: 9/14/17

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Issued By:           Sean McPhetridge, Superintendent (510) 337-7060 and

Gary Lym, President, Board of Education (510) 337-7187


Two AUSD Schools Receive Gold Ribbon Awards

Wood Middle School and ASTI Recognized by State


Alameda – April 19, 2017 – Two secondary schools in the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) have been designated Gold Ribbon Schools, the California Department of Education (CDE) announced Tuesday.


The Gold Ribbon Schools Award was created to honor schools in place of the Distinguished Schools Program, which is currently on hold as the state transitions to new assessment and accountability systems. Schools applied for the award based on a model program or practice, including standards-based projects and practices that led to gains in implementing state standards and can be replicated in other districts.


Last year the CDE gave the award to elementary schools, including four in AUSD (Otis Elementary School, Maya Lin School, Earhart Elementary School, and Haight Elementary School). This year the CDE honored secondary (middle and high) schools. The  two AUSD schools that received the designation are:


Wood Middle School for its STEAM-Integrated Learning Through Inquiry program


Alameda Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) for its Early College High School program


You can see more detail about these programs on the AUSD website.


"I am always thrilled when our schools are recognized by the state Department of Education,” said Superintendent Sean McPhetridge. "It is testament to the hard work of teachers, staff, students, and families. It serves as a reminder to us all that Alameda is truly blessed with excellent and innovative educational programs for our youth.”


In March, ASTI also won a Green Ribbon award from the CDE.  Both ASTI and Wood Middle School will be recognized for their accomplishments at a luncheon hosted by the CDE in Santa Clara next month.


Posted by: Kai Dwyer
Published: 4/19/17