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How to Build your Portfolio Website








As part of AUSD requirements for promotion to high school, students must complete a portfolio.  This process is documented on this page.  In addition, there are resources here for students and families to understand the expectations.  

Academic Artifact Reflection

Each trimester students in all grade levels are to reflect on work completed in that trimester in each class.  As they reflect they can use these questions to help build their portfolio.  Each student will present 3 academic artifacts during their 8th grade interview.


Click here for a link to this reflection with sentence starters.

  • Artifact Reflection for the _________________________ Project
  • What were the Understanding Goals for this project?
  • What were all the steps involved from start to finish?
  • What do you think you did best when you participated in this project?
  • What were your biggest challenges?
  • If you were to do this project again, what would you do differently?
  • What strengths do you think you displayed as you worked on this project?
  • What did you learn while participating in this project?
  • What Studio Habits of Mind did you use most in this project, and how did you use them?
  • How did this project help answer the grade level throughline question?
    • 6th Grade: How do my choices affect me, my family and my community?
    • 7th: : How do we connect to a larger world?
    • 8th Grade: How does Collaboration Facilitate Growth?


To open this as a Google Document, click here!

Portfolio Website Example

This is a work in progress.  This site will be updated frequently, but the website reflects what is taught in class.  


Click here to access example website.

Personal Artifact Reflection

Use these questions when reflecting on the personal artifacts that you add to your website and use for the 8th grade interview.  Each student will present 2 personal artifacts during their 8th grade interview.


Click here to open a Google Document with the Personal Artifact Reflection questions with sentence starters to help you reflect.

  • What skill or technique did you learn through this activity?  (Develop Craft)
  • Did you ever feel out of your comfort zone and have to work through that in this activity? (Engage and Persist)
  • When did you come into contact with a field, an idea or a discipline that you were previously unfamiliar with in this activity? (Understand Community)
  • What did you do during this activity that you had never done before?  (Stretch and Explore)
  • At what point during the activity did you look at something or some idea very closely?  (Observe)
  • What was something in the activity that really resonated or that you remember really well.  Describe.  (Reflect)
  • What is something that you improved through this activity?  (Reflect)
  • How were you able to communicate your feelings, views, or experience in this activity?  (Express)
  • What images did you come up with to represent your work in this activity?  (Envision)

Google Drive and Google Sites

Each student can keep their work in a grade level folder in their Google Drive.  


What is Google Drive?



  • Do you have a grade level folder in your Drive?
  • Do you have a reflection from your classes for each trimester?
  • Did you take pictures of your work or of you working throughout the process?
  • Did you take video of your work or your working throughout the process?
  • Have you connected any of your thinking to the grade level throughline?
  • How are you keeping track of what you have learned?  
  • What is documentation?