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Math Teachers

Bakhtiari, K, Kamelia
Brown, Kasey
Math Course I; 6th Grade Math Support
Covey, Randall
Math Course 1 & 2
Eding, Matthew
Algebra 1; Geometry
Nguyen, Nga
Math 8 CCSS, Technology and Design

Why some girls don't like math

Actress Danica McKellar (Winnie on the "Wonder Years") has taken up the call to speak out for girls who love math, hate it, or are caught somewhere in the middle. She has written two books, "Math Doesn't Suck" and "Kiss My Math". The series is written for girls ages 10 -14.Read an interview with her here.


Math Textbooks

Sixth Grade Course 1 Seventh Grade Course II Seventh and Eighth Grade Eighth Grade
Status area

Course 1 for 6th grade -- Course 2 for 7th grade -- Algebra for 7th & 8th grade

Geometry 8th grade -- Math Intervention

The Wood Middle School math department offers Algebra Transition classes.  A variety of techniques are used in the math department including Bar Models, decomposition, inverse operations, partial products, an emphasis on vocabulary, and universal academic language.  Another technique is student lead learning which includes warm-up (‘do-nows’), partner and group work, ‘you-tries’, and learners explaining their thinking to partners.  Preparation for the California STAR test is provided throughout the year.

One of the many projects worked on during the year includes “What’s Dat”, which is using ordered pairs for learners create pictures with a set of instructions to recreate the picture.  Another project is the Giant Hand (proportion) which uses the measurement of the learner’s hand relative to their body so the student will figure out the size of the giant.  The Rock Launch project, using trigonometry, teaches students how to calculate height of launch as well as learn how to budget for their project.

The math department collaborates by conducting monthly department meetings.  Teachers regularly collaborate with each other based on their common class.  The math department has a math coach (for teachers?) visit weekly as well as other professional development activities.

The math department performs monthly benchmark testing to determine student comprehension of material.  The department has a math intervention of 15:1.  Math tutoring is available to all students after school and during lunch.

Wood Middle School takes pride being in the forefront for developing and using the DigitWhiz and Success Makers techniques.  Parents can monitor their child’s success by signing up for School Loop to follow homework assignments and grades throughout the school year.

Students will apply a variety of skills and techniques necessary for success in high school.

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Math Texts are Online!

Students can access their math textbooks online. All you need are the access codes below. Check it out. (See your teacher for more assistance.) Visit www.classzone.com. Also, see the Math Locker on the left side of this page for more details.


Sixth Grade

Math Course 1 - eEdition - CA ISBN #: 9780618908035

Activation Code: 3140103-30

Seventh Grade

Math Course II - eEdition - CA ISBN# 9780618908042

Activation Code: 3140103-380


Algebra I - eEdition - CA ISBN# 9780618908059

Activation Code: 3140103-730





Eighth Grade

Algebra I - eEdition - CA ISBN# 9780618908059

Activation Code: 3140103-730


Geometry - eEdition - CA ISBN# 9780618756506

Activation Code: 3137962-50

Get stronger in math using DigitWhiz

DigitWhiz is all about making sure that kids Build Rock Solid Math Skills in a fun way!  DigitWhiz is a free, games based, online math program created by Wood math teacher, Ms. Kasey Brown. They evaluate, prescribe individualized games and guide kids to master the skills they need. DigitWhiz adapts as students make progress. Teacher-built and kid approved!  Desktop and iPad versions are available. Sign up for DigitWhiz here!