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Characteristics of Families of Victims

Being a victim of bullying may also indicate that there are problems in the family dynamics. 

  • There may be sibling abuse or abuse by the parents in the home.  Victims at home are more likely to be victims at school. 
  • The families of victims often have financial and/or marital problems.  Children feel insecure and often don't have the clothing and "stuff" that the other students have. 
  • The families of victims may be overly emotionally involved and entangled in their children's difficulties.  Parents consistently rescue their child and the child then fails to develop appropriate problem solving skills. 
  • The families of victims may become deeply involved in responding to the child's troubles.  The more suffering the child experiences, the more the child depends on his or her parents to "save" him or her. 
  • The child's identity becomes that of a victim and the parents chronic rescuing reinforces this identity.  There is often over-dependence by the victim on the parents for support. 
  • The parents may also have deficits in their social skills and therefore unable to help their children learn appropriate social skills. 

(Williams, Esther.  The Bully, The Bullied and Beyond.  YouthLight, Inc. 2007)