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Will C. Wood Middle School | 420 Grand St. Alameda, CA 94501 | 510.748.4015 | @GoWoodBeavers

Be Respectful | Be Responsible | Be Safe | Be an Ally


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What is STEAM?

STEAM is a way to teach how all things relate to each other, in school and in life. It’s more fun than traditional learning styles and makes more sense to all types of learners because it is based on ...more

Group Delphi, local Alameda design leader partners with Wood's MakerSpace!

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Students tinker and create!

Wood students participated in a fun afterschool program where they explored the childhood pasttime of "tinkering". Take a look at what they created.


Beavers To-Do List:

1. Study hard

2. Be nice to your teachers

3. Make a new friend

4. Order a yearbook

5. Eat your vegetables

6. Listen to your parents

7. Do your homework

8. Get 8-9 hours of sleep nightly

9. Drink plenty of water

10. Love your life!

Have a Wonderful Summer! The 6th grade WEB Orientation is on August 16th | First Day of School is August 22nd

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Congratulations Wood Science Department and Students!

Check out Wood Middle School featured on Stopwaste.org!


-Special Congressional Recognition of outstanding and invaluable service for the community as an Ocean Guardian School  by Representative Sam Farr

-NOAA Ocean Guardian Award for our Exemplary Efforts as a guardian of Our Oceans

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Today: 7/29/16

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Everyone Belongs Here

Everyone Belongs

Common Core Updates

Looking for information about the Common Core tests your students took last spring? AUSD’s "Common Core Assessments" web page offers a wealth of information on the California Assessment of Student ...more



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Hello Parents!

I already have received some of your responses to my survey! I'm getting to know you and what concerns you the most. I hear you parents! I can't wait to get so much more information to show our school leadership what we and families really want at Wood Middle School!


I truly appreciate it and will keep this survey open for you for the next 60 days or longer depending on the numbers. The more numbers with detailed responses, make it a better message for me to get to the Principal and to the top levels of our school district.


Keep your surveys coming in!





Thank you!


Your Parent Liaison,

Caroline Topeé